Pooches on the Move

Pooches On The Move actually started with my involvement with Miss Linda’s Dogs for Adoption about 15 years ago. At the time, we moved to rural Tennessee from Rhode Island. Linda Manhardt asked for my help in placing some of her 54 rescue dogs. She had heard there was a group out of Knoxville, TN that had a very fast placement rate. I called Great Dog Rescue of New England and was totally surprised when they explained that all of their dogs went to New England homes. I had never heard of such a thing and frankly, Linda and I couldn’t believe it was even true. Why would people actually pay an adoption/transport fee for a dog when we couldn’t even give away completely vetted ones in our area here in TN!

Great Dog Rescue was a huge fantastic role model for us. We adopted their process of superior vetting and excellent contact with adopters and applicants as our own. As we started to adopt more and more pets, we helped several other groups learn the process as well! More rescues, more pooches and kitties in homes! We were careful to make sure that the members of the co-op all copied our strict vetting guidelines, and if a group failed to do so, we removed them. What you see now is the Pooches and Purrs Cooperative!

The more pooches that our groups adopted enabled us to transport our own up to New England. Pooches on the Move was born. First we would do a trip a month. Sometimes it was just five or six dogs in our car, but we were so excited to get them into loving homes! Then, as the groups became more successful we would add trip. A cargo van a month. Then a cargo van twice a month. Then a cargo van a week, sometimes two~!! Several years ago we bought our first large Nissan NV van and we could bring up to 20 a week! We added a very large sprinter van and now we sometimes bring 50-60 pets every other week between the two vehicles. We are so excited that we are continuing to grow! In the spring, summer and fall we also travel to upstate Western New York to help pets find homes there as well.

It’s our hope we can continue this great service to such great families in the years to come.ook

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