Southern ROOTS Rescue

Southern ROOTS Rescue is located in Knoxville Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountains!

Our adopted orphans are delivered to their new families in the Northeast every weekend. We realize that some folks feel uncomfortable about adopting prior to meeting the dog.

We understand that it’s not for everyone, but we try very hard to put you at ease. We know it’s hard to see the personality of a dog in a still shot picture. We are happy to give you a better understanding of the temperament of the dog you are interested in by offering video footage. If you have children, cats, or other dogs and need us to “test” the orphan for you, we are happy to do so. Our orphans are not kept in a facility, but rather in private foster homes. This not only keeps them healthier, but also gets them used to a home environment and helps us to get to know them, making it a better experience for the adopting family. We rely on our foster homes to tell you everything about the dog, whether it is good or bad. … so if the dog is likely to eat your sofa, we will let you know! We do not want to mislead anyone into thinking that they are getting a perfect dog. Our foster homes are simply volunteers that care for and teach the orphan some basics while in their home.

If you are unfamiliar with this process, we encourage you to watch the show Last Chance Highway on Animal Planet or Youtube. This is the same process that we use for placing our orphans.

To learn more about our adoption and transport process and to apply to adopt one of our orphans please visit our website directly.

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